Muffato Blue Cheese - Approx. 330g

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During its treatment, the growth of moulds is fostered so as to make the cheese absorb their sweet but spicy taste. The inception of this natural mould is produced through high quality milk mixed with calf rennet. Then, it is left mature for a few weeks on wooden planks made from fir trees in a micro-climate which is both cold and wet. After that, rind is covered with aromatic plants such as marjoram, mint, thyme and verbena, which all transmit that unique herbaceous taste to the cheese. Cow’s milk and calf rennet seasoned for 3-4 months. Strong, fascinating, highly flavoured taste which comes from the various scents of the plants and herbs used in its maturation process.

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330g, Approx.


Cow Milk, Calf Rennet, Spores Penicillium. Refined Surface with Mint, Verbena, Chamomile. Inedible rind.




Artisanal Cheese, Hard Cheese

Muffato Blue Cheese - Approx. 330g

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