Organic range

We all want to do our bit to look after the world we live in – and for many of us, sourcing and eating organic food in place of conventionally grown goods has become a way of life.

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As you would expect from produce that has been nurtured without synthetic chemicals, pesticides or hormones, our organic Italian food is high in antioxidants and free from harmful additives. These goods have also been developed in accordance with the strictest standards to ensure minimal impact on the environment. So, when you choose to buy organic, you can sleep soundly knowing you are taking active steps to improve the quality of the foods you eat and reduce your impact on the planet. 

Our organic food from Italy

We’re always adding to our organic range as more produce becomes available. However, some of these items have already stood the test of time. Our customers love our Garofalo Bio organic spaghetti, which is made with the finest organic durum wheat semolina using the age-old pasta making methods of experienced Italian chefs. Pair with organic sun-dried tomato pesto for a simple, quick, and authentically Italian primo dish. (If you prefer the shape and texture of penne, we stock this in handy 500g bags, too.)

We’re particularly proud of our selection of organic Italian wine. We feel this collection embodies the biodiversity of the country’s wine producing regions and reflects the new trend of going back to ancient wine making methods to develop a better-finished bottle. Switch to organic wine, and you’ll taste the difference immediately; it has a cleaner taste thanks to less sulphites and additives.