The ideal diet if you work from home

The health emergency of 2020 has changed many aspects of our everyday life, including work.

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Smart working has moved all the intervals of traditional working hours within the home, with the need to organize at-home meals and perhaps even for aperitifs at the end of the day.

To support a very sedentary week, you need foods that are easy to digest, but also satiating and that promote concentration because studying or working at home is very stressful. Let’s have a look to an example of how a day should be, foodwise.

Many nutritionist say that for a diet to be nutritionally balanced,it should have 5 meals spreaded during the day, both during the working week and at the weekend. Prefer substantial breakfasts based on carbohydrates and fatty proteins, then offset by lunches and dinners almost entirely based on vegetables.

Here, specifically, how the meals should be composed:


Tasty and satiating foods should be eaten to boost your psychophysical energy during the week, and purifying and energizing fruit salad or centrifuged at the weekend.

Morning snack

It is based on beverages, such as tea or infusions, so you won’t nibble between meals.


During the working week, light and fast lunches should be eaten, sandwiches menus are included 3 times a week, to be prepared by combining fatty proteins (cheeses and dairy products, fatty fish, eggs, oilseeds and dried fruit) and lean ones (legumes, soy and derivatives) to the fibre of wholemeal bread.

Afternoon snack

It is a real refill. A small gratification, stimulating and reactivating, with hot chocolate, dried or dehydrated fruit.


The last meal of the day, on the other hand, is very rich in vegetables to compensate for the flexibility of breakfast and lunch.

What about weekend?

At the weekend there are more opportunities to go out and engage in physical activity: unload all the tension accumulated during the week with a run, a swim or a long walk and you can enjoy a pizza out and a Sunday dessert. Lunches and dinners during weekend are usually richer in carbohydrates with functional foods suitable for consumption before physical activity. On Saturday night, then, pizza it is! With a small dessert or ice cream on Sunday afternoon. A glass of wine is allowed at dinner or at aperitif time.

Full of psychoactive substances

Some great foods wich helps stimulate learning and memory are broccoli, cauliflower, grapes, pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, legumes, seeds, soy, wheat germ, wholemeal flours, milk and eggs. Perfect, if you work in smart working, is also the theanine, it has a relaxing action and helps fight hunger attacks due to study stress. It works as a caffeine antagonist. In this case, the ideal smart food is green tea.

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