Pulses and Grains

Many great Italian dishes have been created using grains and pulses – and they are all coming back on trend as ‘peasant food’ becomes a common sight at our tables once again. From chickpeas and lentils to spelt and traditional Italian beans, you’ll find products for any purpose within this collection, which we believe offers best selection of imported goods available.

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Exploring our Italian pulses and grains selection

No store cupboard is complete without a good selection of these healthy Italian mainstays, which are surprisingly easy to work and cook with. High in fibre and antioxidants, the pulses and grains found here really can be used to produce some amazing value, high quality meals.

Pearled spelt is primarily used in Italian cooking to enhance soup. Why not give it a try as the hero ingredient in a risotto dish? Make a stock using dried porcini mushrooms, then finish with crumbled n’duja and a good helping of Pecorino Romano for a deliciously different take on this popular Italian recipe.

Not all our tasty pulses need a long overnight soaking. Split fava beans cook in 45 minutes into the most amazing Puglian peasant dish, fave e cicoria (aka fava bean purée with chicory). Simply top with some chicory or spinach leaves to create a refreshingly simple side dish or starter.

Borlotti beans and cannellini beans have been the stars of many Northern Italian dishes for hundreds of years. We have sourced the highest quality beans from small producers to give you the best end result, however you choose to use them.

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