Barolo: The King of Wines

Considered one of Italy’s greatest wines, Barolo is also known as “the king of wines” and the “wine of kings”.

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Why is Barolo so special? The answer is apparently simple: a question of terroir. Nebbiolo grape has found in the 11 municipalities of the Langhe where it is produced, just south of the city of Alba, unique pedo-climatic conditions. The king of wines is appreciated for its culture, for its tradition but, above all, for its hard work, which allows an excellent quality. A wine renowned worldwide and continuously appreciated by all those who taste it that has obtained the title of Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin, better known with the acronym DOCG.

Barolo is a structured wine, refined, classy and elegant with garnet red colour and orange reflections. The nose is complex, persistent and intense with fruity and floral notes, violet and vanilla, accompanied by spicy and goudron notes. A wine of great personality, perfect in combination with roasted or braised red meats and aged cheeses.

Our Organic Barolo by Agricola Brandini is one of best expressions of the territory, in full respect of the Langa’s tradition. Brandini’s family have always believed that organic is a lifestyle rather than a production method and in the importance of leaving the land in better conditions than they found it.
The center of all their choices is the search for the highest quality, from the vineyard to the bottle. They grow different vines and, in 2015, they completed the selection of 4 Barolo Crus: R56, Annunziata, Meriame, Cerretta.

R56 is the first expression of Brandini’s family. Born from the cru that surrounds their cellar, it is the result of a unique microclimate formed by altitude, ventilation, clayey and sandy soil with an important reduction of the grapes. It ages only in large barrels to maintain all these characteristics intact from the bunch to the glass.

Annunziata Cru is their second expression from La Morra. The vineyard grows at altitudes of half hill and contains body and elegance. Aromas and flavours are more concentrated without covering its fineness. The perfect Barolo for those who love the structure that embraces a gentle tannin.

Barolo Meriame is from Serralunga d’Alba, the expression of the perfect land for the cultivation of Nebbiolo grape. Definitely a wine that appreciates the refinement in bottle to soften the austere traits of youth. With a production of only 1000 bottles, it is a small treasure that we are happy to have in our cellar.

Cerretta is their second single vineyard with origins in Serralunga d’Alba and, perhaps, the best expression of the typical clay and limestone soil. Its structure and vibrant tannins are the main characteristics. The style of aging in big barrels, makes it very interesting in its youth also creating the basis for resting a few years in the bottle.

“Every time you open a bottle of Barolo, it gives off unique emotions and sensations”.

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