IX Miglio, Organic

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The name of the wine refers to the location of the vineyard, the IX Mile of the Appia Antica. It is perhaps the most representative wine of the area with an ancient and fascinating history, dating back to the ancient Romans. They called this white wine “Albanum” (from the production area, of the Alban hills). Thanks to the exposure of the vineyards to the sea, the white IX Mile takes on brackish notes, made more complex by the volcanic minerality of the vineyard soils. Delicate and pleasant wine, savoury and full-bodied and it has inherited the tradition of being the main companion at the table of Roman cuisine, thanks to its versatility in combinations.

It is a blend of dotted Malvasia, Trebbiano, red Malvasia with notes of white pulp fruit, tropical fruit, citrus, wild flowers, mineral notes of flint

Ideal with appetizers and sea food, it also accompanies vegetable-based dishes, white meats and medium-structured first courses.

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IX Miglio, Organic

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