Carboncino (pasteurized cow milk, sheep milk, goat milk)


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Soft ripened cheese, pasteurized, washed rind with vegetable charcoal.

Cylinder shaped, dark grey color, edible soft rind. From the ancient tradition to keep cheeses under ash comes Carboncino, with its tender and oily texture and its thin and dark rind, due to the washing process with vegetable charcoal during the ripening. In the mouth, a sweet sensation of warm milk combines with the nice and lightly bitter vegetable note of the charcoal.

Use: at room temperature.

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow milk, pasteurized goat milk, pasteurized sheep milk, pasteurized cream, salt, rennet. Coloring agent: carbo vegetabilis.
Allergens: milk.
Shelf life: 50 days.

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