Our two London restaurants in Pimlico and Wapping offer authentic homemade dishes and desserts using our own Italian products, including vegetables and fruit.

Aperitivo is a wonderful traditional way to relax for a few hours with a selection of dishes accompanied by a Prosecco, Campari, Spritz or other cocktails. We offer it at both restaurants every day.

The menus cover the whole day from breakfast, morning cakes and pastries, brunch and lunch options, through to a late supper.

We also sell products from their Delicatessens and retail areas that allow you to create your own dishes at home. And of course amazing wines and Prosecco.

You can also enjoy our food in you own home by ordering through Deliveroo, Uber and Amazon.

The delicatessen and retail offer includes;
Sauces and Passata
Pasta and Rice
Vegetables and Fruit
Wines from all the major regions
Prosecco and Aperitifs